Our response to the Current COVID-19 Crisis.


As a community that is centered around philanthropy and socializing, we've been monitoring the outbreak of the coronavirus very carefully. With the global reach of our community and members who travel or have traveled intensely, we've so far implemented the guidelines of Health authorities for our actions here in São Paulo. This approach was based on the belief that local authorities have a better understanding of what's best under the local circumstances.


Based on the events over the weekend, The American Society board has decided that this pandemic needs to be fought in a coordinated manner and on an international level by working together as citizens of the world. During this difficult time, our collective goal is to slow down the spread of this pandemic and prevent the collapse of our local health care system. We are fortunate as ex-pats to have access to some of the best health care in the world, but even that is in no way limitless. We must take steps in the absence of a vaccine and useful retroviral drugs to protect those who are most at risk.


Therefore, we at American Society have decided to temporarily suspend our events until the end of April 2020 effective immediately. This can be summarized as follows:


  • American Society events from today until the end of April 2020 have been postponed until further notice. This includes our Youth and Adult Sports programs, Easter Party, Let’s Connect and Women Work events, Happy Hours as well as our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • Members who have purchased tickets for these events will be refunded. Please reach out to the Office Manager to claim your refunds.

  • No event-related emails will be sent out during this period.

  • Our May “Night at the Oscars” Gala is under review and more information will be posted as it arrives.


We will provide further updates as more information becomes available via our social media and our website. Our website, in particular, will be frequently updated with translated announcements from local government sources to keep you all in the loop. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow the WHO guidelines to take care of your own health and to protect others.


On behalf of the Staff and Board of the American Society I would like to send best wishes to all our members. May you stay safe and COVID-19 free.


Be safe all,

Kristy Miranda


Board of Directors

American Society of São Paulo

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Recommendations from the Brazilian Ministry of Health to Combat Covid-19:


Medical care

Telltale symptoms of COVID-19 are (ALL TOGETHER): 


  • Cough:

  • Runny nose;

  • Fever;

  • Malaise or a feeling of drowsiness and aches in the body

  • Those who also have shortness of breath (dyspnea) should urgently seek care.

People with symptoms should not immediately seek health care if they:

  • Have only a cough;

  • Have only a runny nose;

  • Have only malaise or a feeling of drowsiness in the body;

  • Have only a fever.

In the situations above, the Ministry of Health's recommendation is to contact number 136 so that a health team can provide guidance.


Recommended individual behaviors:

  • When coughing or sneezing, you should use your forearm or a handkerchief, which should be discarded.

  • Wash your hands frequently and stay home if you are sick.

  • Face masks are indicated for people who are sick, have home contact with the sick and for health professionals.

  • Avoid handshakes, do not share food and drinks, increase social distance, reduce exposure to crowded places.

  • Elderly and chronically ill people should avoid crowded places: cinema, shopping malls, concerts, and trips.

  • Beware of crowded public transport.

  • Do exercises outdoors. Gyms should encourage alternative schedules and reinforce equipment hygiene.

  • Buy supplies that should always be on hand to avoid going out if you become ill or need to care for someone who is sick. At the same time, do this rationally and avoid unnecessary purchases.

  • Those who use continuous medications should ask for prescriptions with longer validity, to avoid having to go to a health unit in the period between autumn and winter.

  • Shopping outside peak hours.


Education companies and institutions:


  • Employers at shopping malls and businesses should allow employees to wash their hands frequently, use 70% alcohol, make disposable towels available and clean the environment more frequently - including floors, handrails, door handles. A fan is recommended.

  • Companies should encourage virtual meetings, cancel trips that are not essential and recommend home office (remote work). They should also adopt alternative schedules and different schedules for workers so that fewer people are circulating during peak hours.

  • Educational institutions should plan to bring forward vacations while seeking to avoid damage to the school calendar - change class schedules and, if possible, use distance learning tools.



  • Events with a close concentration of people - whether governmental, sporting, artistic, cultural, political, scientific, commercial or religious - should be canceled or postponed. If this is not possible, the recommendation is that the event takes place without an audience. The recommendation applies to both mass events and indoor events.

  • Tourist cruises must also be postponed while the public health emergency period is in effect.

  • Wakes for people who pass, for any reason, during an eventual Covid-19 epidemic should take place with limited mourners.


Health Care Providers:


  • Health workers should wear personal protective equipment.

  • Health services should triage cases so that people with respiratory symptoms spend minimal time in waiting rooms. Vaccinations should be done in open, well-ventilated areas.

  • Health Care Providers must also plan for the expansion of teams, including interns, students, and retirees.

  • In ICUs, admissions and discharge related to Covid-19 should be monitored. Municipal departments must be given daily updates of this data.

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