Annual Membership Directory
& Resource Guide

Beloved tradition and for some members a genuine collector’s item the American Society of São Paulo Directory and Members Resource Guide is your guide to all things São Paulo and a convenient way to get in touch with fellow members the old school way.

Full of information about the American society our history from what we provide to our members is included as well as many resources to help you navigate the complexities of some São Paulo.

Sponsored by some of São Paulo’s and Campinas’ Premier International Schools and companies the guide always features a piece of artwork donated to the society and always is displayed at the AGM in April. We often feature a small presentation by the donating artist at this time.

The directory is delivered free of charge to all members at the beginning of each year.  New members also receive a copy of the latest directory in their new members’ welcome pack.

Commercial Directory

Directory Cover 2021

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Avenues São Paulo
Contact: Lisa Lund Peixoto
R. Pedro Avacine, 73
Real Parque
Tel: (11) 2838-1800

Chapel School
Contact: Adriana Marques
R. Vigário João de Pontes, 537
Chácara Flora
Tel: (11) 2101-7400
Fax: (11) 5521-7763

Elibu Camp
Camp for children ages 8 to 12
Conheça Os Estados Unidos sem sair do Brasil
Tel: (11) 3898 2295
Cel: (11) 99988 9974


Escola Americana de Campinas

R. Cajamar, 35
Campinas - SP, 13090-860
Tel: (19) 2102-1000

Global Ties
Business English Tutor
R. Peixoto Gomide 1888, Apt. 11
São Paulo, SP 01409-003
Tel: (11) 99330-5691
WhatsApp: (11) 99330-5691
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Graded School
Contact: Tracy Harrison
Av. José Galante, 425
Tel: (11) 3747-4800

St. Paul's School
Contact: Sandra Abatepaulo
R. Juquiá, 166
Jd. Paulistano
Tel: (11) 3087-3399
Tel: (11) 3087-3398

Talk Kids
Rua Bento de Andrade, 272
Jd. Paulista 04503-000 São Paulo
Tel: +55 (11) 3051-2210 | 3886-9010
WhatsApp: +55 (11) 97515-3883

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Chapel 2021.png
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St Pauls 2021.png

Goods and Services

Cabot 2019 - 13x20cm.png

Aguirre & Hollnagel Ltda
Luis Aguirre
Engineering & Consulting
Tel: (11) 5522 2696
Cel: (11) 99988 9975

Automotive Parts & Materials
Av. das Indústrias, 135
09380 Mauá, SP
Tel: (11) 4547-6500
Fax: (11) 4549-1322

CAMBER International
FX / Câmbio
Best rate, no fee, great service
Use commercial banks, not retail
Tel: (11) 99736-9077
Cel: (212) 268-6566

Dedo de Moça Bakery & Buffet
Catering & Food Goods
Rua Pio XI, 403/405 Vila Romana
São Paulo | SP | 05060-000
Tel: (11) 3031-1519
WhatsApp: (11) 99447-1236

Self Storage Company
16 locations in São Paulo
Tel: (11) 2222-1220

Kika Fotógrafa
Studio sessions at your home
Lucas José de Alvarenga
São Paulo, SP 05892-470
Tel: (11) 98506-9044

Ponto Verde Organicos
Organic Products Delivery
R. São Benedito, 1135
São Paulo, SP 04735-002
Tel: (11) 99888-6748
WhatsApp: (11) 99888-6748
Organic goods store & delivery

Remax Canaa
Real Estate Agent
Av. Marechal Juarez Tavora, 122
Sao Paulo, SP 05750-000
Tel: (11) 2391-1222

Design Specialist
Print designer, illustrator
Native-English editor
WhatsApp: (11) 99568-9605

GoodStorage 2021 SP_148x210mm.png
Remax ad 2021 128x89.png

Health and Medicine


Health &Medicine

Dr. Karen Bygdal Andreasen
Dental Care
R. Barão do Triunfo, 612
Tel: (11) 5531-4698
WhatsApp: (11) 99811-6172

Drs. Fernando & Maria Delman
Orthodontist/TMJ Disorders
Dental Care/Paediatric Dentistry
R. Emilio Ribas 805, Conj. 24
Campinas, SP
Tel: (19) 3252-8890 / 3255-0168
Cel: (19) 98334-0603

Eudes Gondim Junior
Dental office (Endodontics)
R. do Rócip, 423 - cj 1109
São Paulo
Tel: (11) 3846-8614
Cel: (11) 98134-2024

Inst. Ghelman Med. Integrativa
Marianne Aguirre
Meir Schneider Self-Healing
Family Constelations
Natural Vision/Body Improvement
Cel: (11) 99988-9974

KBA Dental - Directory - 128x59.png

American Airlines


American Airlines 2021.png