The American Society
Bossa Nova Pocket Gala 2021

The American Society of São Paulo is thrilled to present our Annual Charity Gala, the largest fundraiser event to support our partner charities. Through an auction with wonderful prizes, we raise funds for some of São Paulo's most vulnerable children and youth.


This year our big night of giving will take place at a multitude of intimate parties in people's homes across Brazil and the USA. In a new, exciting format and theme: Bossa Nova Pocket Gala!


When: Saturday, September 18th 2021 at 7pm Brazil time

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Our Auction was a total Success!


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Livestream Event
18th September 19:00

7:00 – 7:30 Bossa Nova Pocket Gala Preshow

7:30 – 7:45 Introductory remarks from Patricia Campbell & Natalie Della Rosa

7:45 – 8:10 Bossa Nova Pocket Show with Lead Vocalist Ana Caram

ANA CARAM began her singing career in São Paulo but has performed around the world, including in Japan, the United States, Europe and Africa. She has produced 8 albums with Chesky Records and has also recorded with many talented artists including the legendary Tom Jobim and Paquito D’Rivera. Her light, sensual voice fuses with the sultry tones of Bossa Nova music to create an unforgettable sensation. Follow: @anacaram


8:15-8:20 Putting the Pieces Together for Our Charities - by Lucy Nunes


8:30 – 9:00 Artists Creating Artwork inspired by Bossa Nova Music 

STANISLAW TCHAICK is an up and coming Brazilian artist. His paintings often reflect vibrant tropical colors, influenced by his reflective interpretation of the world around him. He chose to be influenced by our Bossa Nova theme to create the artwork he made especially for our event. We cannot wait to see how it will turn out.


Follow: @stanislawtchaick


OZI STENCIL has been a leader in street art in São Paulo for over 35years. His stencil based street art is often a provocative commentaryon contemporary society and politics. His graffiti can be seen on thewalls of many bairros across São Paulo.


Follow: @ozistencil

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GIM is originally from Minas Gerais and currently lives in Campinas, where she got her degree in Architecture and Urbanism. The fluidity of her work is influenced by her architecture and design background. The women she creates are like messengers, guides, and goddesses who always bring a message. These women represent our ancestry that we carry as sacred and empowering energy within each of us.


Follow: @gim.arts

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Our night will end with the amazing Otto singing for us!


OTTO is internationally known as a talented Brazilian singer, songwriter, and percussionist. This popular musician has a large following – with some of his songs having been streamed just on Spotify millions of times.


Fun fact: whilst  most of the world knows Otto as a musician, he is also an avid artist. We feel so fortunate that he has agreed to sing to close off our livestream event!


Follow: @ottomatopeia / @ottopintamatopeia


A Big Thanks to our generous Gala Patrons:

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The funds raised from 2021 Gala will be used in part to help fund these critical projects at our children’s charities. Click the button to download a PDF with a full description. A summary can be found below:

Casa Limiar - New.jpg

Casa Limiar would like to put a children’s garden into a small area of its outdoor space. There are many benefits of gardening for children. Studies have shown that gardening can help improve moods, reduce anxiety and help improve overall learning experiences. For children who have suffered abuse, tending a garden can be calming activity that helps restore self regulation and help rebuild empathy and confidence. We know this garden will be a wonderful addition to their home.


Casa Limiar serves vulnerable children that are brought into the home through the judicial system who have suffered ill-treatment, abandonment, living in situations of risk, among other reasons and are sheltered until they can be reintegrated with their families, adopted, or age out of the program at the age of 18.

LAr tia Edna.png

Lar Tia Edna would like to raise funds to help with much needed renovations in its home. The flooring across many parts of the home needs replacement and the boys room especially needs refurbishment, including new windows, flooring gesso and painting. These renovations will make the home feel more welcoming and the bedrooms a more cozy space for the boys to rest.


Founded in the 50's by Edna Deakins, an American missionary, Lar Tia Edna provides a warm, loving home to approximately 15 children, most of whom will remain there until they reach adulthood or are legally adopted. Subsidized entirely by charitable donations, LTE is run by Henri (One of Edna's first adoptees) and his wife Nilma, who live on the premises and zealously care for their family. Their primary focus has always been the children's education; Henry and Nilma work with inexhaustible enthusiasm, pursuing every opportunity for their advancement. The children who demonstrate interest are offered music lessons and a few have scholarships at Cultura Inglesa, where they study English.


ABBA would like to raise funds to help build a new children’s home, Casa Girasol, in the State of Piaui. This new home will be built in the city of Campo Maior and will have the capacity to house up to 20children and adolescents. The area where this home is being constructed is one of the most impoverished areas of Brazil so there are many vulnerable children who need a safe shelter.

Mission Abba is a Christian community that rescues youth at risk. Its goal is to reunite street children with their own families, and remedy the situation that led to a breakdown. Founded in Interlagos in 1993 by an association of churches, ABBA is now led by Thomas and Susanna Smoak and a team of missionaries and volunteers. ABBA runs multiple programs including: 2 community centers, a shelter for children, as well as other social outreach programs aimed to strengthen families and keep children off the streets. It is funded by churches and individual donors, with occasional donations from corporations.