Jorel Guilloty


Jorel moved to Sao Paulo in 2014. He has been active in volunteer roles within AmSoc including Lets Connect. He joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and  the Executive Committee in 2020

Stephen Penney

Executive Secretary

Stephen, both American and Brazilian, brings to the American Society his experience in Private Equity, and Tech Startups. He joined the Board in 2018, and the Executive Committee in 2019.

Patricia Campbell


Patricia, both American and Brazilian, was born in São Paulo and grew up in San Diego. She joined the Board in 2019 as CAC Chair as she has much interest in giving back to the community. She joined the Executive Committee in 2020.

Malcolm Macdonald

Vice President

Malcolm, who lives with his family in Campinas has a background in Industrial Engineering and Management Consulting joined the Board in April 2017 and the Executive Committee in April 2019

Executive Team

Our team is dedicated to the mission of maintaining and improving The American Society of São Paulo and making sure it remains true to its roots.

The Board

Our Board of Directors is the governing body responsible for overseeing the organization's mission, strategy, goals, and activities. They steer The American Society of São Paulo towards a sustainable future through the legal and financial governance of AmSoc. Find out more about our duties and responsibilities here:

Dr. Evelyn Lanka
Elias Gedeon
Fernanda Gedeon
Isabel Franco
John Mota
Kristi Hendrickson
Lucy Nunes
Lynda Perdigon
Manuela Moreno
Natalie Della Rosa
Phil Miler
Ricardo Arikawa
Ruth Hollard
Sean Hutchinson
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Office Staff

Our office team is dedicated to the mission of helping AmSoc accomplish its administrative goals. Get to know the people who make the American Society of São Paulo what it is. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to share our events, activities, and ways for you to get involved. Click on an image to email any of our staff.

The American Society of São Paulo

Rua da Paz, 1431 | Chácara Santo Antônio
04713-001 | São Paulo, SP

CNPJ: 62.113.261/0001-75

Office Hours: Home Office ( Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00)

Contact us via:

+55 11 99645-4159 (Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00)


For donations, event tickets, and payments:

Banco Itau (341)

Branch(AG): 1608

Account (CC): 13.556-0

The American Society of São Paulo

CNPJ: 62.113.261/0001-75

Lynda Perdigon