Is it time to grow your circle of contacts? Learn about what others have to offer? Give yourself,  office or organization credibility? Networking in its purest form is simply talking to people, making connections and developing rapport to grow your circle of influence. By developing long-term relationships for mutual gain and creating lasting impressions with people you will be learning a life skill which has many applications for you both personally and professionally. The best networking should focus the attention  developing two-way dialogues that have benefits to all parties involved.

The American Society recognizes that there are many forms of networking from personal, to social to professional. Our Networking team works hard to provide something for all interests.

Lets.Connect Talks


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Lets.Connect Talks is an informal networking event, open to members and non-members alike, and organized with the intention of offering a chance to connect with others, share information, and learn about topics that are relevant to you! Composed of a Committee of AmSoc members determined to give you a one-of-a-kind experience, each event will start with 20 to 30 minutes of discussion about a chosen topic, followed by an hour or so of socializing and connecting with others.

Past Speakers

Paula Bellizia

Vice President 

Microsoft Latin America

Patricia Iglecias

Chief Executive Officer


Sandrine Ferdane

Chief Executive Officer

BNP Paribas

Paulo Leme


Goldman Sachs

Jacques Sarfatti

Managing Director

Russell Reynolds Associates

Nestor Casado

Chief Executive Officer

at Capital Invest

Mark Copman



Marcos Lisboa



Daniel Izzo

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Vox Capital

Antonio Juliano Ayres

General Manager


AmSoc Presents:





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WomenWork focuses on connecting women in various professions & trades, with a special guest speaker to discuss their particular journey. We encourage social responsibility, sharing knowledge & experience for a better future, and the importance of any employment, whether paid or volunteer. The small entrance fee goes directly to our charity drive, helping the girls of today grow to be the women of tomorrow.

Our mission is to strengthen female relationships by providing a safe and meaningful environment where women in various trades and professions can share their journey and discuss relevant topics, creating a powerful community committed to making a difference.

Want to make a difference? Share your journey with us.

Happy Hours

A perfect moment to unwind and also make new friends. Happy hours are organized frequently and are published on our social media channels. Take advantage of some special offers the American Society can organize and come along.

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New Members Coffees

Organized several times a year these complimentary coffee mornings are a way for new AmSoc members to meet some established members including a few of the board members and start building up a rapport that will serve them well throughout their membership. 

Make sure you sign up to our social media channels so as to be informed as to the time and location of the next New Member Coffee.