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Nations Cup Golf Event

On Saturday, September 23, the American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) golfers will play the Nations Cup, a new team event, at PL Golf Club in Arujá, São Paulo.

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The event arose from and was inspired by the Munro Cup team golf event, where the AmSoc team squares up against the Scots team in a Ryder Cup-style event—last held in May 2023. AmSoc member Caspar Van Rinjbach suggested a similar team event between São Paulo’s Dutch Society and the St. Andrew Society, and the result is the Nation’s Cup.

In this inaugural event, two golfers from each side—orange and blue—will play a best ball net game, with the winner earning a point for their side. In case of a tie, each team will get half a point. The team that totals the most points wins.

We have 20 golfers from both groups committed to the event. Pictures and results will be published in the next edition of the FORUM.

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Join the Links with us!

We recently created a new WhatsApp group for golfers in the AmSoc community called ‘AmSoc Golf’. The idea is to coordinate event ideas and casual, friendly game play among fellow golfers.

With players from a wide range of skill levels, we hope to be able to schedule more frequent play days and outings, beyond the more formal events like the Munro Cup and Nations Cup.

If you are interested in participating in the golf WhatsApp group, look for me, Glenn Peebles, in the AmSoc Members WhatsApp group, and send me a direct message asking to join.


Images courtesy of Wix Media.

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