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Our Youth Sports Program (YSP) has been providing sports training and games for girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 13 for over 50 years. Currently we offer soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and flag football on Saturday mornings at one of the International schools in town or at the US Consulate. Our program is conducted over two seasons during the year, and under a two session format depending on the sport being offered, one from 9:00-10:30 and the second from 10:30-12:00. Our season starts just after the Carnival break, and it goes until the end of May; then we start again in late August and end in early December. The season schedule and school dates can always be viewed on the AmSoc website.


Even though the coaching of our various sports is conducted by AmSoc parents, we seek out older youth volunteers and qualified sports monitors to assist the parents, as well. An amplified coaching staff has allowed us to provide a more focused approach to each sport and differing age groups by providing developmental coaching in an effort to build a greater skill set for our children.


So what can you expect from your child entering our YSP? Kids having fun, enjoying games, and learning about competition and teamwork, all within the excellent confines and facilities afforded us by the American community.  In all respects, you can count on the development of teamwork and sportsmanship for your child upon their participation in our YSP.

How to Register

Registration is open to any child between the ages of 5 and 13, whether they are AmSoc members or non-members. Registration Day will take place bi-annually at a venue divulged in our events calendar. For the upcoming 2020 1st semester of The Youth Sports Program (YSP), Registration Day will take place at the Graded School on February 08th.

Families usually register their children on our Registration Day, as it is a great opportunity to reunite with friends and to meet new families living in São Paulo. We provide coffee, orange juice, and cookies or donuts for a nominal fee.

A few of the coaches of the sports being offered will be present on Registration Day, to answer any questions about our Youth Sports Program. The American Society will also have a few Board Members present, to answer any questions you might have about the American Society as an organization.

However, a child can be registered at any time during the season! Simply register and pay through our Registration Form and have the convenience of using a credit card.


Registration Day for each season will be announced through this website and through emails to our membership. We also distribute promotional materials to the American schools.

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