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Our Pillars

AmSoc is a community organization whose members' experience is built upon three fundamental pillars: Philanthropy, Connections, and Athletics.


Philanthropy involves supporting charitable causes and helping those in need, while Connections refer to building and maintaining relationships through both professional and personal networks. The Athletics pillar encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health, including participation in adult and youth sports that promote physical activity and teamwork.


These pillars have been built upon a Foundation of over 70 years of traditions and traditional events, resulting in a wonderful member experience. By promoting these pillars, The American Society is committed to providing a positive impact on society and enhancing the quality of life for its members.

Charity Volunteers

The American Society of São Paulo is dedicated to supporting the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism.


We harness the efforts of our staff and volunteers to positively impact the lives of those most in need of assistance. Our primary focus is on helping children. We would love for you to join us in helping to improve the situations of people in need. 

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Is it time to grow your circle of contacts? Learn about what others have to offer? Give yourself,  office or organization credibility? Connections refer to building and maintaining relationships through work and  social events as well as traditions that foster a sense of community.


Our Connections team works hard to provide something for all interests.

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When asked about what drove them to sign up to the American Society a significant percentage of our members site the popular sports and wellness programs run by AmSoc. From 5-75 we will find an activity that suits you and people who share your interest.


A great kids program supported by fantastic volunteer coaches has long been one of our signature achievements.

The American Society of São Paulo hosts a variety of traditional events throughout the year that bring together members of the American expat community as well as locals interested in American culture.


These events range from formal gala parties that showcase the best of American cuisine and fashion to fun-filled Halloween celebrations for kids complete with costumes and candy.

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