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Charity Volunteers


The American Society of São Paulo is dedicated to supporting the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. We harness the efforts of our staff and volunteers to positively impact the lives of those most in need of assistance. Our primary focus is on helping children. We would love for you to join us in helping to improve the situations of people in need. 

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

When you become a member of AmSoc, please consider making a Helping Hand Donation.  Your donation will be used directly to help us support our SMILE volunteer program. Thanks to the Helping Hands program we can carry out activities like bringing arts & crafts into the charities, adolescent career training workshops, taking kids to the zoo and much more. Becoming a Helping Hands donor will earn you premium seating at our events and a badge by your name in our yearbook and is a sure way to bring joy to many kids in São Paulo.

amsoc cares

Want to help your children make an impact in São Paulo and understand more about the needs of our community? Join AmSoc Cares, our youth volunteer program for kids ages 7-18. The idea of this program is to offer opportunities for our younger members to volunteer across a wide array of areas across São Paulo. Past projects have included clearing land at a community garden, building a mobile library, helping to organize prizes for the Angel Party, and more!

AmSoc Cares Logo

how can i help?



When you become a member of AmSoc, please consider becoming a Helping Hands Donor. Your donation will be used directly to help us support our SMILE volunteer program.



Sponsor a child, or even volunteer to help on the day of the event. Sponsoring a child is as simple as buying (or donating money to buy) a bag full of brand new and beautiful Christmas presents, which include useful items such as clothes and shoes, as well as more fun items, such as a toy and a sweet treat.



For Legal reasons all AmSoc organized volunteering at our charities is for registered members only. We have many events that require volunteers including helping at fundraising events open to the community at large.



Occasionally one of the charities AmSoc supports needs something urgently (for example, powdered milk for a newly arrived infant). Then we ask for a specific donation by “passing the hat”. This is called “vaquinha” in Portuguese or “Little Cow”.



We have a very well-structured item donation program that makes it easy, secure, and fast to donate your items to the homes. From the donation of a piano to a laptop to a onesie, we will help you get your items out of your home, and into charities where they WILL make a difference.

Community Action Committee (CAC)

The CAC supports our selected organizations through multiple channels:

  • Financially - through sponsorship, donations, and fundraising efforts

  • Socially - though social engagement and recreational activities

  • Manually - through cleaning and facility improvement projects

  • Educationally - through tutoring and enrichment programs


The goal is that our community support and assistance will enable these organizations to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children at risk. This, in turn, provides a solid foundation for these children to build a successful future.

Events and social engagement provide children with unique and enjoyable social experiences to enrich their lives and connects them with the community, which broadens their social experiences, social maturity, and community network. Perhaps most importantly, the goal of these experiences is to bring joy into their lives.  Another fortunate outgrowth of these events is the benefit gained by those who volunteer to help. In some ways, they are equally impacted by the time shared with these amazing children.

Our Charities.

As part of our mission, the American Society supports a number of local charities in São Paulo and Campinas that work to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and communities. These charities are committed to a range of causes, including education, healthcare, social services, and environmental conservation. Through your support, the American Society helps to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most, while promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

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