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Unlocking Peace of Mind

Safeswap's Innovative Escrow Service

Are you an expatriate living in Brazil, dreaming of owning a piece of paradise or upgrading your ride? Before you pull the trigger, let me introduce you to Safeswap, a groundbreaking escrow service that's here to revolutionize the way Brazilians make high-value purchases in Brazil.

In the land of samba and sunshine, Brazil offers a vibrant and exciting lifestyle for expats. However, navigating the complexities of real estate and used car purchases can sometimes feel like a carnival of uncertainty. This is where Safeswap steps in, offering you the peace of mind you deserve.

Safeswap: Expat-friendly escrow service for a worry-free buying or selling experience in Brazil

Risky Business

Currently, buyers in Brazil pay earnest money or down payments directly to sellers when purchasing properties or used cars. Crazy, right? While this may be the norm, it exposes you to unnecessary risks.

Did you know that over 50% of residential properties in Brazil have title or document issues, as reported by the Ministério de Desenvolvimento (Ministry of Development)? While this statistic might seem daunting, it simply underscores the importance of being cautious. With Safeswap, you can proceed wisely, allowing the seller time to resolve any issues uncovered during due diligence, which may take weeks or even months. By using our service, you avoid the risk of direct payments to unknown sellers and the potential need for costly legal action.

Used car transactions come with two crucial points to consider: 1) the prevalence of scams and 2) the ambiguous buying process. According to an OLX/iCarro report, a shocking 60,000 individuals lost $200 million in used car scams last year, equivalent to $4,000 every 10 minutes! The conventional process requires both the buyer and seller to visit the local cartório and notarize the DUT (Documento Único de Transferência) to transfer vehicle ownership. However, this creates a dilemma for both parties: should they transfer money or sign the DUT first? Safeswap provides a solution to navigate this complex situation securely.

Your Shield Against Risk

Safeswap operates on a simple yet powerful principle: your money remains safe in escrow until the seller fulfills their obligations. This concept is tried and tested in mature markets like the US, and now it's available right here in Brazil. Here's how it works:

Step 1 -> Agreement

You and the seller agree on the terms and conditions of the sale. We can provide the language to include in the payment clause of the sales contract.

Step 2 -> Escrow

After you create a Safeswap account, set up the transaction based on the contract terms and transfer the funds to Safeswap's secure escrow account. Your money is protected in a Brazil Central Bank regulated account.

Step 3 -> Inspection & Verification

For property purchases, have your attorney verify all documents and titles. For used cars, ensure the vehicle's condition and documents match the description.

Step 4 -> Fulfillment

Once everything checks out, approve the direct release of funds to the seller in Safeswap.

Step 5 -> Peace of Mind

You receive your property or car with confidence, and the seller receives the funds.

Selling with Safeswap has benefits, too

Whether you just want a change or will be repatriating back home, utilizing Safeswap to sell your assets demonstrates your commitment to transparency and trustworthiness, attracting more potential buyers. Funds are held securely until you fulfill your obligations, ensuring a smooth and fair transaction. Safeswap empowers you to sell with confidence, knowing that your buyer's money is protected, ultimately expediting the selling process, and reducing the risk of disputes.

Why Choose Safeswap?


With Safeswap, trust is not just a word; it's a commitment. We prioritize your financial safety, ensuring every transaction is secure.


We streamline the buying process, saving you time and effort, so you can enjoy your new property or car sooner.


In an ever-changing market, Safeswap remains your constant shield, safeguarding your investment against potential pitfalls.


Each transaction has its own unique bank account regulated by BACEN.


You are in control of when the funds are released to the seller and can rescind the contract anytime* in the Safeswap portal.


AmSoc and Safeswap share a vision of a safer, more secure Brazil for expatriates and locals alike. Safeswap is here to support you in turning your dreams into reality, one secure transaction at a time. Don't let uncertainty and risk dampen your excitement about your next big purchase. Safeswap is your key to unlocking peace of mind and making your Brazilian adventure as smooth as samba.


Ready to make that dream home or car yours without the anxiety? Check out Safeswap’s website for more information, or send them a message on WhatsApp at (11) 3230-8222 for quick answers to your questions. Jamey Barbour, Safeswap owner and AmSoc member, can be contacted directly at to explain how Safeswap can work for you. Stay connected and informed by following them on Instagram @safeswapbrasil. They regularly share tips, success stories, and updates on the real estate and used car markets in Brazil.

*Depending on contract terms, fines may apply.

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