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Your International Christian School in São Paulo


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Pan American Christian Academy is a confessional day school dedicated to providing academic preparation for English-speaking students in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded to meet the educational needs of the missionary family, we have since expanded our vision to encompass the children of business families in the American, Brazilian and international communities. However, PACA does not discriminate based on race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, or disability.

PACA began classes in February of 1960 in the Methodist Church of Itaim. The first faculty was composed of five teachers, and the student body numbered twenty-eight. During its early years, the school functioned in various rented facilities, and in December of 1965, purchased a small city block in Campo Belo. As the school continued to grow, a number of classrooms were built and nearby houses were rented, but it soon became evident that the Campo Belo site would be too small to meet the demands.

In July of 1972, 33,000 square meters (7.5 acres) were purchased in the southern São Paulo neighborhood of Rio Bonito. Construction started in April of 1973. The year of 1974 was momentous in school history. In February of 1974 the school moved into the first units of its new campus. The Brazilian Ministry of Education accredited the school, and the first twelfth grade class graduated in June of 1974.

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