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A Little Goes a Long Way

Updated: Apr 5

Ten years ago, I was introduced to Casa Limiar by our dear former president, Kristy Miranda. Like her, through my involvement in volunteering, I fell in love with this very special home. Commonly known here in Brazil as abrigos, these institutions are so much more than just ‘shelters’. The children at Casa Limiar live here by order of the court, to receive full care when their families are unable to do so or to escape abuse and abandonment. At Casa Limiar, I have heard heartbreaking stories, most of which I could never have imagined happening to such young children and babies—but I have also heard stories of resilience, love, and hope.

man and child working on small raised garden bed

I saw that we can make a big difference with small actions, and that it only takes one act for a chain of solidarity to flourish, rapidly and with great strength! The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) has been providing support to Casa Limiar and other institutions for many years, and I believe that this support is not only essential to help the children, but also as a spark for other acts of kindness serving our same mission. Countless times, I have seen professionals, hired for their services, donate their personal time and materials. I witnessed joy when they completed their work with extra care and attention—and it is on these occasions that I wonder, "Who has gained more from this?" We learn so much! Without a doubt, we get back more than what we give!

We can always make a difference, but together we are even stronger!

Over these 10 years, AmSoc has organized and provided activities, donated supplies, and helped in times of need and emergencies. We exchanged an old kombi for a modern van, renovated a kitchen, and did countless other actions which directly changed what is possible for these kids. This year, thanks to fundraising at the Gala, the house will gain a new, covered space for the children—so that they can have activities protected from the sun and rain—as well as a new dining hall. All of us at Casa Limiar can hardly wait for the project to be finished!

open, uncovered play area for children at Casa Limiar

AmSoc has established an emergency fund, called ‘Little Cow’, which is drawn from whenever there is an urgent need at one of our supported institutions. There are so many ways in which we can help, so donations to the fund are forever welcome. We can always make a difference, but together we are even stronger!


Photos courtesy of participating volunteers. Banner photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash.

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