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NFL Football comes to Brazil

Brazil is about to write a new chapter in the history of sports! It was announced Tuesday that the first NFL game on Brazilian soil has already chosen its first team: the legendary Philadelphia Eagles! The Eagles will play at the Neo Química Arena on September 6 against an opponent yet to be revealed.

This will be a significant milestone for the consolidation of American football in Brazil and for the closer cultural ties between the two countries, and Amsoc will be following everything very closely.

Media coverage of NFL Football takes off in Brazil

Just as soccer grows in the USA, we see more and more Brazilian fans also getting excited about American football. And this story is not so recent... In 1969, the same year Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, TV Tupi broadcasted the first American football game here. At that time, the broadcasts were not live and didn't last long. In the 1980s, Bandeirantes made new broadcasts, and in the 1990s, the NFL began to have more regularity with cable TV. Finally, after the 2000's, with the greater penetration of cable TV and the massification of the internet, the NFL became a true craze in Brazil, with at least 38 million viewers in the country nowadays.

Flag football culture growing

The fascination for the game goes beyond TV screens: we see a growing interest from the public in Flag Football and local teams, with many people participating in amateur leagues, learning the rules of the game, and getting involved with all the culture surrounding the sport. With the arrival of the first NFL game on Brazilian soil, we are witnessing a moment that will certainly further boost the growth and popularity of American football in South America. It's a moment of celebration for all those who dream of seeing the sport thrive in this country. Stay tuned for more details about this epic event and get ready to witness history being made!

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Malcolm Macdonald
Malcolm Macdonald

I1m looking forward to being at the game! Hopefully AmSoc can help organize a group


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