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Resource Guide Corrections

We strive to be as accurate as possible with all of our communications and publications. However, we are human and there are occasional errors. Please note these corrections for the recent publication of our 2023 Resource Guide.

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In the About Us section, Mark Bryant was inadvertently omitted from the Board Member listing on page 25. He is part of the Strategy Committee and can be contacted at

In the Deep Dive section, the byline for Peter Walvis was unintentionally excluded from the Pet Travel with Less Stress article on page 116.

In the Commercial Directory section, advertisers with a gold star by their name speak English, letting our readers who aren’t fluent in Portuguese know they don’t need to worry about language barriers when contacting a provider for service. The gold star for Dra. Fernanda Madeiro Weaver, listed under Health & Medicine on page 136, was accidentally omitted from her listing.

Our sincere apologies for these errors.


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