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Meir Schneider’s Visionary Approach to Eyesight Health

Most people believe that as they age, eyesight can only deteriorate. Occurrences like cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and presbyopia are all thought to be inevitable companions of joint pains, back pain, and fatigue, to name just a few ailments.

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We've found that many eye problems stem from poor eye usage and bad habits. Nowadays, it's widely known that excessive screen time is harmful to the eyes, and indeed it is. The statistics regarding myopia among children and youngsters are alarming—through the roof. "The global prevalence of myopia is predicted to increase from 27% of the world's population in 2010 to 52% by 2050," as stated in an article published in the National Library of Medicine, belonging to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Meir Schneider, the creator of the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method, was born with severe eye problems, including congenital cataracts, a strong astigmatism, microphthalmia, and nystagmus. At the age of 7, he was declared legally blind.

Today, he proudly presents his unrestricted driver's license from the state of California alongside the legally blind certificate issued by the authorities of Israel. He was educated in Braille. At the age of 17, he met another boy, also 17, who shared the knowledge of William Bates (1860–1931). Bates, an American ophthalmologist who graduated from the University of Columbia, had the brilliant idea of asking, "If eyes can get worse, can't they also get better?" When you break a leg, you put on a cast, the leg heals, and you take off the cast. Yet with eyes, you have a problem and get glasses—and that's it—you never take them off again.

It is fascinating to observe how working on the eyes improves the body and vice versa.

Aldous Huxley was losing his sight; his ability to read deteriorated, so he sought the help of the Bates method. He found it immensely helpful and, in 1942, wrote, "At the present time, my vision, though still far from normal, is about twice as good as it used to be when I wore spectacles, and before I had learned the art of seeing." He then wrote a book called The Art of Seeing that describes this experience.

Meir immediately began doing the recommended exercises like palming and sunning, but instead of stopping after one hour of exercises a day, he continued for many more hours, annoying his family and teachers. After four months, he went from 1% to 4% vision. After 10 years, he obtained his driver's license. All this time, he continued (and still continues) doing eye and body exercises and building the Self-Healing Method. Yes, the Self-Healing Method was built based on his own transformation. Once he was able to see, he made it his mission to share this knowledge with the world.

The pillars of his method are relaxation, kinesthetic awareness, visualization, improving all systems (breathing, circulation, muscles, joints, digestive and nervous system), and identifying bad habits and transforming them into good ones. These bad habits of vision also exist in the body—too much strain, lack of balance, unawareness, rigidity, to name a few. It is fascinating to observe how working on the eyes improves the body and vice versa. The goal of the Method is to empower the student to become his/her own coach—this is what is meant by "unleashing your self-healing powers."

I met Meir in 1997 and decided to undertake his training. I completed it in 2003 after many trips to the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco. Since 2003, I have been working as a practitioner and instructor of the method. I work with individuals in my office or online and also conduct workshops for groups, both in companies, at our farm in Natividade da Serra and in other countries.

In a world where bad patterns and unhealthy habits take a toll on our eyes, the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method shines as a beacon of hope and transformation. Meir's remarkable journey from legal blindness to receiving a drivers license demonstrates the power of this method. If you notice that your vision changes a lot from day to day, would like to better understand how the eyes work and what healthy habits can naturally improve vision problems such as refractive errors and conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and more, consider exploring this transformative approach. Meir Schneider's legacy is a gift to all who seek to complement conventional resources.

We strongly recommend that our clients consult their ophthalmologist regularly: annual visits for those without any special issues, and more frequent visits for those with more serious concerns. We are not doctors, we are educators bringing practices that improve vision and body functions.


For more information, you can follow Marianne Asmussen Aguirre on Instagram at @marianneasmussenaguirre or visit her website at You can also reach her by email at or WhatApp at +55 (11) 99988-9974.

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