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FORE! Renewing a Great Tradition

Updated: May 5, 2023

Golf has been a part of the member services of The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) for many years. Outings have been a regular (albeit sporadic) part of our membership offering since the early 2000s, and the annual Munro Cup—a golf match pitting team AmSoc against team St. Andrews Society (SAS)—has been a fixture for many years. As with many other activities, the pandemic put these outings on hold during 2020 and 2021, but we are happy to announce that golf is back on the event schedule!

Golf club bag

On a Saturday last November, the Munro Cup was held again, at a private course in the Campinas area, which was graciously made available by Eduardo Walker and his family. Six matches of 2-player teams competed in 6 best ball matches, with a total of 12 participants for each side, in Ryder Cup style. Longest drive (won by yours truly) and closest to the pin (won by our host) were also part of the competition.

We had excellent weather and great fun was had by all, although AmSoc was the losing side. SAS arranged for a bagpiper to play and follow the golfers as they finished, which made the experience even more unique and enjoyable. After the matches, a catered lunch was offered to the golfers and those who came along simply to watch.

AmSoc and SAS are preparing for the next Munro Cup, to be held on May 20, once again at the Walker course. May was the traditional month for the Munro Cup prior to the pandemic, and we jointly decided to return to this month, allowing other AmSoc golf events to be planned for later in the year. (More on that next issue.) Current plans include a stroke play event open to a greater number of golfers, as well as a new team competition. Both of these events are still in the planning stages, but they would occur in September or October and November, respectively.

Compliments for good shots, and sympathy and empathy for bad ones, are an integral part of the game.

While historically the golf events have mostly had male participants, AmSoc golf events are open to all! I’d like to take the opportunity here to call for any female golfers who would like to be involved. One of the unique aspects of golf is that the handicap system allows for players of all levels and abilities to compete on relatively equal terms. The only real requirements are that the participants have a basic ability (ideally as demonstrated by a handicap but that’s not the only measure) and basic knowledge of the rules of golf.

Golf is also unique in that competition isn’t the only aspect of this sport—golf’s etiquette and ethos are one of mutual respect and cheering for the other players, as everyone is in fact playing against the course and, ultimately, themselves. Compliments for good shots, and sympathy and empathy for bad ones, are an integral part of the game. So, the final “requirement” is that one put aside any consideration of pride and be willing to enjoy the day and the game with others, come what may.

Keeping this “open to all” aspect in mind, some ideas for future events include a mixed couple’s tournament and a parent/child event. Additional possibilities are events exclusively for kids or adults who would like to learn and have a first experience.

AmSoc golf is back! Like all AmSoc activities, we need members to volunteer to help organize these events. So, here’s a call out to all the golfers in the AmSoc community: give us some of your time and energy, as well as comments on the new event ideas and any suggestions beyond those mentioned here. And a special call out to any AmSoc golfers who are club members: your assistance in securing the courses for the events would be especially helpful.

Be sure to check out our Instagram (@amsocsp) to see photos of our last golfing event!


Images from the 2022 Munro Cup. Photography courtesy of Júlia Campos Nogueira Porto.

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1 Comment

Malcolm Macdonald
Malcolm Macdonald
May 08, 2023

The Munro Cup was certainly a blast and I am looking forward to the next one! The course is gorgeous and the weather seems settled for another fine match on the 20th May


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