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An Abundance of Cheer and Gratitude

The American Society Angel Party was a special day for 245 underprivileged children, 30 of their helpers and teachers, and over 250 volunteers.

The Angel Party graphic

We all met up at Graded School on December 9 for an incredibly lively day that included lunch, snacks, games, crafts, clowns, photo booth pictures, sports, superheroes, princesses, a show, and lots of hugs.

Santa Claus and his helpers arrived at the end of the party and gave each child a big bag with a toy, a backpack, a coat, shoes, chocolate, and essential clothes for the upcoming year.

We have so many amazing donors, sponsors, and friends to thank - and we’ll do that with bells on in the next issue of the FORUM. For now, happy holidays to everyone and thank you all for helping make this season brighter for so many children!


Photos courtesy of participating volunteers.

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